Been a while huh??

15 May

Hey guys, who wants some more excuses as to why I have not updated this blog in a month?????

My guess is no one does, so I’m just going to go ahead and admit that it is becoming painfully clear that I am succumbing to the “I just don’t have that much to say to keep consistently updating this blog” disease and it’s hitting me hard. Combine that with the fact that I’m private person by nature, and tend to always keep things to myself no matter what it is, then right there you have the perfect storm for an anti-blog.

This doesn’t mean that I will be stopping the blog, or anything like that. I really enjoy writing and blogging, I just need to find that area/niche/motivation that will power my blog on a consistent basis. So with that said, I want to tell you guys that I will be re-launching this blog in the very near future with a tighter focus and more consistent posts.

On a related note, I am really excited to tell you that I will be joining the blogging team at, a cultural, entertainment, and arts blog. I will be the resident music blogger, so you’re going to be reading all my thoughts, reviews, quips, about everything I like (or dislike) in today’s music scene. The site will be launching LATEST May 31 , 2011. I will be re-posting my entries here on my blog, I expect anyone who reads it to let me know what they think (good or bad).

You can also follow my thoughts in micro-blog form on my Tumblr page. Here you will find a combination of pictures, videos, quotes, etc… random or not

So to recap, be on the lookout for the following:

1) Re-launch of my personal blog

2) Launching of and my Music section — Latest launch date May 31, 2011

3) Check out my Tumblr micro-blog



One Response to “Been a while huh??”

  1. obedier July 4, 2011 at 1:28 am #

    I know many of you want to comment here, but are nervous about being first – so I’ll take that step on your behalf. Sherief, I am really sad to see the frequency or lack thereof because I enjoyed what you had to say and found it extremely funny. I was waiting anxiously for the bid day (5/31) with my own iPhone countdown app – but the day has come and gone with no re-launch. Please know your fans are out there and waiting for you to re-start. Peace out.

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