January 25th, 2011 – Egypt, how I remember it… (Part I)

30 Jan

For many people within my inner, and not so inner circles this day will go down in Egyptian, Middle-Eastern, African, and World history as the day the revolution began in my homeland of Egypt. The day that the Egyptian people, largely through inspiration from their North African counterparts, Tunisia, decided that enough was enough and that something needed to be done NOW about Hosni Mubarak’s tyrannic stranglehold on Egypt for the past 30 years.

I really struggled with the idea of whether or not it was my place to be writing a blog entry on the plight of my fellow Egyptians, err, make that my fellow Egyptian HEROES fighting for the freedoms that have alluded them for the past 30 years. To be honest, my initial thought was that I did not want to seem like what I call a “Bandwagon Egyptian”, that all of a sudden since Egypt was in the world spotlight, that right NOW would be the perfect time to show my solidarity with Egypt…maybe post a few pictures, some emotional videos and khalas I would be good on my Egyptian contribution quota for at least the first half of the year. Although I know, and those who associate with me know that is not the case, it was still a concern of mine. Well, if you are reading this then you can see that I got over that thought process and realized that this was WAAYYY bigger than me or any potentially insecure views I may have as to how people would view me or my writing. This was about discussing an event that not only was a first for Egyptians, young and old, but an event that will most assuredly shape the fabric of my homeland for generations to come.

Now instead of focusing on the protests, riots, demonstrations, deaths, injuries, corruption, scandals, conspiracies, politics or any other word you can interchange here…I’ve decided, at least for this post, just to give all of you a picture tour of the Egypt that I know. This way for those of you who are not familiar with Egypt, you can see it for what it was before the endless stream of images depicting burning tires, overthrown trucks, dilapidated buildings, police brutality, and militaristic involvement. Yeah, I think that’s a good idea (I am literally thinking of this as I type)…so without further ado here is Egypt as I remember:

(Please note: I am by no means a professional photographer, or an amateur one, I’m just a dude taking pictures in Egypt)

Near Midan Tahrir, pre January 25th, 2011

*If you look real closely you can see Cairo Inn on one of the windows. This is actually a very famous hostel in Cairo.*


This also doubles as a Mini-Van...

*That ladder beside it was actually the guys escape route*


Egyptians love cats?? Cats love Egyptians?? Cats love pink stools!!

...and boxes



A random alleyway that I explored...

*I really can’t remember where this was taken, but I do remember that I liked the imagery*



Default Pyramids pic with an added flair...

*Thanks Mohammed ;)*


Who is this intriguing man of guile and chicanery???

*No one really knows, but one thing is for sure his JIL fenela is always part of his ensemble*


The strip at Sharm el Sheikh

*Home of old Italian and British babes*


Cool contrast between two constants in Cairo, sand and buildings

*If you look really close, you can see Hosni Mubarak abolishing more Egyptian dreams*


We’ve almost come to the end of this picturesque journey. Going through my pictures I noticed two things: 1) Picture files are getting bigger and bigger, 2) Almost all of my pictures were taken from a personal standpoint, meaning there are either a lot of family in them or a lot of background context that you would need to know to understand…I actually much prefer these types of pictures, way more genuine. Next time I hit the motherland though, I promise to take pictures from more of a blogality standpoint. Before I go though, I would be remiss to not show you once last picture from my travels in Egypt…this picture here is very rare and you all should consider yourselves lucky and extremely fortunate to witness such a seldom seen image…



The early stages of the famous Egyptian Kirsh

*Although quite a regular site amongst Egyptians, never has the beginning stages been so expertly caught in picture form…remarkable*


So I think I’ll make this a multi-part thing , wherein this particular post sets the “before” picture of Egypt, then in later posts I will cover what has happened from January 25th onward. When I say cover, I don’t mean reporter type coverage, I just mean my take and observations of what has been going in the country I love during these very tumultuous times. I’m out.


“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be” – Voltaire



One Response to “January 25th, 2011 – Egypt, how I remember it… (Part I)”

  1. Cloud Ten January 30, 2011 at 11:40 pm #

    I think you captured all expatriate sentiments exactly, SUREeef. Great note and photos.

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