Hey how come??

24 Jan

I guess I’m a liar…I promised all my loyal followers an active and consistent blog, and look what I give you guys…nothing, nothing but empty promises. This makes me sick, I actually make myself sick…if you guys don’t wanna follow me or my blogs anymore I understand, but before you make such a rash decision maybe you can tell me how come…

People still keep saying ” for all intensive purposes…” what exactly is an intensive purpose??? Is it a purpose that is much more serious than other purposes, or is more driven??? I doubt it…it’s intents and purposes!

Or maybe you can tell me how come Google has not yet invented the Google-ometer!?! Or why Facebook hasn’t developed the newest FaceSmasher, or the Twitter Thought Thwarter…enter an idea into any one of these devices, then voila all of a sudden it is infinitely better…startups need some love too. Truth be told though, if I were Mark Zuckerberg or the Brin/Page duo I’d probably do the same thing…the Surereef SharpShooter, take ideas, put them in a devastating leg lock and make them better Surereef style…hmmmm

You know what would be cool though, if airline companies had a fleet of planes that all worked…you know, like planes.

You know what else would be cool, if leather jackets such as this one ceased to exist. Just because I’ve never found one that compliments my husky figure.

How come I have never finished a full game of monopoly? I’ve never even reached the house/hotel stages

Who remembers which pattern  of tunnels to go through in order to get to Bowser at the end of Super Mario Bros 1? Because I don’t, and I need to know that now…sans google search

How come you can’t do the back pedal skid stop on bikes these days???

…But I digress, this is just a glimpse of my thoughts on average day, hour, or visit to the good ol’ ceramic throne (haha…tmi??) Before I go, I leave you with this last one…

If rubber heats up with friction, how come they haven’t invented snow tires that heat up with road friction and melt any snow and ice that dare to stand in your way??? Did I just blow your mind??? Scientists are not allowed to debunk this idea…and I just patented the technology.


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