2010 —> 2011

1 Jan

So let me start off this 2010 year in review with…SIKE!!!! No year in reviews in surereef’s house, not that there’s anything wrong with them I just don’t think I’m qualified enough to give a worthy review.

2011 is here and by now most of you will be reflecting on your so-called resolutions and wondering when/if they will catastrophically fail. Although I do think waiting for the end of one year and the beginning of another is counter-productive when you are resolving for things that will help yourself, you can’t deny that officialness type feeling that the beginning of the year gives you as the platform for your new and improved version of you. So with that said I would like to present to you Surereef’s resolutions of 2011:


  1. Finalize transition from IT guru to Digital Marketing/Advertising tycoon
  2. Family Family family…Solidify my foundation as person, Muslim, brother, son and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  3. Maintain my Herculean physique and enter numerous Mr. Universe’s (Mr. Universii??)
  4. Push forward with ALL side projects…or at least move them from my side to my frontal area
  5. Eradicate all forms of fruit flies from existence
  6. Let the creative juices flow…into a smoothie of creativity and strawberries
  7. No speeding tickets
  8. Introduce my new shirt line…Shirtreef???
  9. And most importantly: Continue to be thankful for what I have and look forward to what I have yet to achieve

I want to thank all of you who have been reading my blog since it started, yes the numbers are small, and yes you are all either friends or family, but still I appreciate everyone of you and wish that this year gives all of you everything you hope for. I’m gonna go get hammered…on Ginger Ale. PEACE!

An actual photo of me during Movember 😉


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