Things I like…the next episode

25 Dec

So I got some real good feedback on my last entry, the good thing about your boys is that they’ll tell you whats real. If it’s wack, they’ll tell you it’s wack, if it’s decent, they’ll still tell you it’s wack, but with a different inflection in their voice lol. Anyways, enough voice analyzation let’s keep it moving to part two of the things I like. The last time I left you I was talking about foods, sunroofs, and plush garments…this time around, who knows what will make the cut. So let’s get ready for the next episode…

Sports…yes, sports hilights…more yes: It’s no secret that I love sports, for those who know me I’ve become known as the wikipedia of sports. What that means??? I know a lot of useless info about sports in my big ass head lol. Back to my topic, where else…you know forget words, just watch these:

First from the world of Japanese baseball:

And then from the National Basketball Association, Mr. Blake Griffin:

Mozgov and Galinari, ya’ll just got sonned…SON!!

Now onto the world of Italian Serie A soccer:

Same sport, but from La Liga…the tiny man that could:

See I could go on for this whole post, but I still have 4 more things to cover…but do you see what I’m saying, if you don’t get excited by these hilights then your brain lacks important brain matter.

Lazy bumming it: I’m a busy dude, lots of people are busy these days, so to get these types of days are becoming as rare as finding a shirt from H&M that fits properly and lasts more than 6 months. For real though, one of these days should consist of nothing more than breathing, eating, napping, and number 2’ing it. Actually I’ll take it one step further, you’re really bumming it if you don’t take a shower or do any sort of hygenic up keep AT ALL. Am I gross? ya…does my breath stink? yaaaaa…is it amazing?? YAAAAAAA. If dudes or dudettes ever get one of these rarities come across their way then you MUST I say MUST take advantage of this. So with all this said, I say to all my people, be a bum, a smelly one at that 😉

Crunchy peanut butter: Uh ohhh, another food?!? You damn right. Peanut butter is already great, but throw in some crunchy bits of peanuts then you got an insane combination of amazingness. Who wants to come over and have a crunchy peanut butter sandwich? If you say no to this generous invitation, then you butter have a good excuse lolol oh man (did I just write that??). Update: I had some crunchy peanut butter yesterday with some of the Wallah Bros. and wallah bro it was good.

I’m going to end it here for now…maybe I’ll continue with the remaining two items later on to complete the top 10. I gotta go buy a metal pole for the festivus celebrations…


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