A man’s fanstasy…

28 Nov

Nope not a threesome…definitely not a new tool set…and I’m not talking about this dude when his fantasy of meeting his wrestling idols finally came true. You wanna know what a man’s real fantasy is, at least this man’s writing this post…FANTASY SPORTS!!! (Is it ironic that my fantasy, has the word fantasy in it??)

For real though, where would men, sports, men + sports be without fantasy sports??? I don’t even think sports would exist, and the word fan would only describe this cool thing. Fantasy sports elevates one’s interest in the game by levels that are unheard of…I would venture to say the human ear actually has difficulty hearing the increased level of interest. I’m pretty convinced that I’m a nerd for getting really excited for fantasy draft night, the beginning of each NBA, NFL season is like the first day of Grade 6 to me. You know when you show up in class with the new overalls your mom bought you, the new nikes that she got from Sears, and those special ethnic lunches she would pack. What I’m trying to say is that Fantasy Sports is now one of the more exciting things that is in my life, you decide how sad that actually is…

On the flipside, I think the players in these sports should be thanking us fantasy sports addicts. For real, where else would anyone care about Thomas Jones and the fact that he gets all the goal line carries for the Chiefs, which means more TD points for me…or the fact that three years ago my shrewd pick up of Joel Przybilla halfway through the NBA season allowed me to win my NBA pool and pocket a large sum of money…who are these guys??? that’s exactly my point. I’m sure they’re swell, stand up gentlemen with steeds of women at their beck and call, but in the world of sports they’re only relevant to us fantasy-ers fantasians…yeaaa mayn!!

There are a billion articles, blog posts, rants and raves about fantasy sports and the science behind winning your pool…however, never has there been such a poignant reflection on the true meaning of what fantasy sports mean to men aka me. Do I feel sorry for my wife?? No…do I feel sorry for your wife?? Yes…why? It doesn’t matter.

Anyways, let me leave you with this…my favorite NFL team for the past 15 years has been the Atlanta Falcons and today they were playing the Green Bay Packers. Although I don’t like the Pack, I was actually cheering for them to score td’s and field goal’s so that my fantasy kicker could gain his points. So in other words, I was cheering against my favorite team so that a kicker…a KICKER could get me points. If that’s not sick, then I know what is…this.

Next post I tackle why men aka me like cocoa butter sooooo much…IT’S STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT!!!


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