Three J’s sitting on a ROC…

16 Nov

With the recent addition of Jay Electronica, ROC nation has expanded its roster to include the incumbent J. Cole, the GOAT (?) Jay-Z, and now the truth Jay Electronica.

Never has the 10th letter been so cool…

I’m not gonna write a whole paragraph about the how significant this is to the industry, or how other labels should take cover because the ROC nation is now coming for all ya’ll asses…I just wanna say that this is great move in my eyes…great because each of these artists have their own unique way of captivating the masses, and great because I like them and this is my blog.

Check the first track Electronica released after signing to the ROC here. Ten virtual bucks and a sweep kick to the first person who can name the another artist to use that same sample???

I am real excited to hear what these three have in store for us in the future. I don’t feel like writing much more on this, I’ll just leave you guys with one more thought, who would be the perfect 4th J (Jay) to join these three guys…my early vote is below:

JJ Walker


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