8 Nov

On Saturday the 5th of November I was witness to one of the greatest things I have ever seen live and direct. This past weekend the wallah bros and I made the pilgrimage down to the University of Michigan to watch what at first was suppose to be our first NCAA football game, it ended up being much more.

Scholars maintain that this game ranks up there with Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, the collapse of the Berlin wall, and the introduction of KFC’s double down sandwich!!! Pundits argue that the Michigan vs. Illinois game this past November 5th was the greatest sporting spectacle since this. Check out these quick stats and records compiled by my own personal statistician BIG SAM lol:

  • 132 total points scored by the two teams was the most ever scored by both teams
  • 1,237 total yards was the most ever compiled on a Saturday in November
  • The blue jerseys worn by Michigan were too blue to be categorized under the customary RGB color scale…they had to move to the Pantone color model
  • The sold out crowd of 111, 441 was the largest crowd to ever attend a school function since my Grade 8 recital of L’ecole Woodland

For real tho…the game was insane, and to dude who got hot chocolate spilled all over him by my boy…let’s just thank the heavens it wasn’t fluoroantimonic acid!! That would’ve been embarrassing…

Toast to the greastest game ever attended by kind-man. Why?? Because, I’m sure of it!




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