You need to listen up!!!

30 Oct

Yes this is my first post, and yes I was planning on making it some kind momentous occasion complete with virtual confetti, and a laser light show that would compete with the best 80’s video out there, however, sometimes you have to side track your plans to make way for newer better plans. And this is one of those cases…

For the past 7 or 8 Friday’s, Kanye West has been blessing the world of music with his weekly releases called “Good Friday”. Each and every Friday Kanye faithfuls, and music faithfuls for that matter tune in to see what kind of genius will come out of his “Beautiful dark twisted” mind. So yesterday’s release that I just finished listening to right now for the first time, has prompted this rogue inaugural post to my Surereef blog. Not because the track is super dope, which it is, and not because it includes a dude (Pete Rock), that if you’re anything like me and have been a hip hop fan for what seems to be decades, that only your craziest “what if you could choose your dream lineup for a song, who would you choose?” type conversations with your boys, that you could think of such an insane combination.

Pete Rock, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, and Charlie Wilson over a wonderfully soulful Curtis Mayfield sampled backdrop produced by the Chocolate Boy Wonder himself. DO you SEE what’s happening here?!?! You’ve got 4 different eras of music, from 2 different genres, coming together to form some damn GOOD MUSIC!!

After hearing this track, my anticipation for Ye’s new album has reached a level I call the “Ummm, should I be thinking about one man this much” type level. But seriously, his short film release, his good friday releases, seem like the perfect segue’s towards the release of his album. I have no problem saying that this will be THE album of 2010…easy…why? Because I’m sure of it!

Play this right now:

Play this immediately after:


Ok ok, I’m gonna get off Kanye’s nuts now…


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